Reward Charts for 8 to 10 plus Year Olds

Haunted Castle Supernanny Superstars Reward Chart

Watch out for the witch! Your child will love this creepy castle: jumping over the stepping-stones, avoiding the black cat and finally climbing his way up to reach the tower itself! Download and cut out the character, sticking your child's head on it so he can watch his journey through the misty landscape.

Colour Haunted Castle reward chart

Full colour haunted castle reward chart - ready to print, ready to use.

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B/W Haunted Castle reward chart

Black and White haunted castle reward chart - ready to print, ready to use.

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How to use your Supernanny Superstars Reward Chart

  1. Think about the behaviour you would like to address with your child. The younger the child, the more focused you should be: a preschooler reward chart will work best when you just centre on one or two things you'd like to work on. Older children could handle a longer list, alongside a number of privileges which they gain or lose accordingly.
  2. Find a quiet time to sit down with your child and explain the reward chart. Stress that this is not a punishment, but an opportunity for mum and dad to say 'well done'! Explain that when she achieves the goals you've set out for her, she will move up the chart, but she can also move down the chart. Let her choose her final reward from a range of approved options.
  3. Your motivation will be the key to making her reward chart a success: keep your tone light and positive when you praise her and have a 'halfway mark' which you celebrate with a small treat, so she feels she's really getting somewhere.
  4. She's there! Make a big deal about her getting to the top of the chart, and, whether it's a day out or a new book, make sure she gets her reward promptly: she's earned it.

Download Options

Choose the size of the chart you'd like to download; all charts are available in A3 whole, or A3 tiled (so you can print out an A3 chart on A4 paper, and stick it together). Choose to print out a ready-made chart or print out a black and white version for your child to colour in.