8 to 10 Year plus

This older group needs a different approach, but reward charts could still have an effect with specific behaviour.

At this age, your child is beginning to be more aware of the value of items and actions, so try writing keeping a list of behaviour you'd like to encourage, alongside a list of things they could be rewarded with for working towards them. Explain that they can gain or lose privileges based on their good or bad behaviour, and try using a Thought Box or Video Diary instead of disciplining with time out.

As with all reward charts, your child will engage more readily if she has helped chose her final reward - one to one time with mum or dad, a cinema trip. And, once your child has earned her reward, she'll be all the more ready to maintain her good behaviour if you give it to her promptly.

Haunted Castle Supernanny Superstars Reward Chart

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Watch out for the witch! Your child will love this creepy castle: jumping over the stepping-stones, avoiding the black cat and finally climbing his way up to reach the tower itself! Download and cut out the character, sticking your child's head on it so he can watch his journey through the misty landscape.